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A Media Buyer’s Dream Come True

Posted on 20th March, by Brigette in Media Buying, Social Media. No Comments

Facebook recently announced that they will introduce mobile ads to their advertising platform. Considering that they’re on the forefront of changing the digital world and have one of the most downloaded mobile apps, why is it that they’re one of the last to jump on the bandwagon, I wonder?

Apparently, my thoughts haven’t gone unnoticed. “There’s a good story Facebook can tell about the potential of its mobile audience, but at the same time you can talk about an issue of them being a little late to market,” said Paul Gelb of Razorfish in this Digiday article.

From the perspective of a media buyer, Facebook advertising is a dream come true. Have a small budget client with a slightly obscure product? Not a problem. Targeting small (or large, for that matter) groups of people based off of their … Read More »

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